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Plastermart is a leading distributor of ceiling products for home renovators & building design professionals.

Accurate and effective sound absorption is crucial to the effectiveness of many rooms including learning environments, communal areas and atriums. Plastermart supplies perforated and patterned sound absorption boards that provide effective control over reverberation whilst offering the designer complete creative freedom and a quality of finish that simply cannot be achieved with tiles.

Suspended acoustic ceilings are designed in a clean and streamlined manner meaning all the elements of suspension are hidden from view. They are generally implemented as an extension of the existing ceiling structure. Suspended ceilings are widely used in spaces such as offices and schools where it is essential to hide any piping or other elements such as air ducts in order to provide a professional appearance and to comply with health and safety regulations.

The environmental advantages that suspended acoustic ceilings offer are invaluable to businesses. They are efficient in conserving heat and the ceiling itself can act as an insulator preventing heat from escaping. This is possible as there is the scope to insulate the gap between the original ceiling and the suspended ceiling. Controlling the heat that lost through these areas can make your surroundings more comfortable and economical.

In addition to having the advantage of heat conservation, suspended acoustic ceilings also make superior sound barriers. They are designed to absorb sound and in doing so keep the acoustics of an area muted and help to prevent sound travelling from one area to another. With these factors in mind a lot of institutions and businesses are selecting to install suspended acoustic ceilings throughout their facilities in order to create a pleasant atmosphere. They also have great impact upon the overall design of a space and they can be used to change a room's entire appearance, as well as sound proofing and conserving heat. You can also benefit from the fully customisable options that are available when choosing to opt for a suspended ceiling system, including design, colour, lighting and structure.