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Plastermart distributes insulation mineral wool with technology that doesn't look or feel like any insulation you have ever experienced: Thermal insulation properties, fire resistance, fire classification, acoustical insulation, sound absorption and mechanical properties as well as recycled content are maintained, with improved product durability. Manufactured from naturally occurring and/or recycled raw materials and bonded using a bio-based technology free from formaldehyde, phenols or acrylics.

  • Contributes to improved indoor air quality compared to our conventional mineral wool
  • Reduces impact on environment through lower embodied energy
  • Reduces pollutant manufacturing emissions and workplace exposures
  • Improves the overall sustainability of buildings in which they are incorporated
  • Cost competitive with our traditional mineral wool
Plastermart also offers Rock Mineral Wool insulation products with a wide range of benefits, and can be used in an equally wide range of applications. Our rock mineral wool slabs offer exceptional fire performance characteristics, as well as excellent thermal and acoustic properties and are scientifically designed to provide a very high level of compression resistance.

Benefits of rock mineral wool:
  • Energy saving, for reduced energy bills and reduced CO2 emissions
  • High insulation efficiency for maximum thermal comfort
  • Non-combustibility: highest possible A1 insulation fire classification according to European standards
  • Excellent fire performance for any insulation
  • Very high operating temperatures, meaning that it is ideal for high performance fire protection applications in building and is also suitable for thermal insulation at extremely high temperatures (e.g. industrial process pipe work).
  • Superb acoustic performance
  • Highly sustainable
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